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Brakes+ Brake Services & Repairs

Brakes+ Mechanical Services are the brake repair, replacement and service specialists.

You can book online or get a quick quote online. You can also call the team at your local Brakes+ Mechanical Services store to discuss any questions or to get a quote or book any brake service or repair.

Why Brakes+ Mechanical Services?

Because your brake system is so important, only trust it to the experts. As a Brakes+ Mechanical Services customer you can expect:

  • Prompt, professional, courteous service and advice
  • Guaranteed workmanship on all installations – the job is completed by trained professionals
  • Fast and efficient service without compromise on quality. Did you know that most brake relines can be completed in 20 minutes per wheel (most models)?
  • Competitive pricing – in most cases Brakes+ Complete Autocare will be cheaper than our competitors
  • Our own range of quality brake pads designed for Australian driving conditions
  • Unique Lifetime Guarantee on selected Brakes+ Mechanical Services brake pads

Your car’s brakes involve an intricate system of interrelated parts and components to form a critical safety system. The brake system should be regularly checked to ensure it is functioning at its best. Inspection, servicing and repairs should only be carried out by properly trained and qualified technicians, like those at Brakes+ Mechanical Services. Our mechanics are expertly trained and fully focused on the job at hand to ensure that your car’s brakes are in good working order and you, the customer, receive the best possible workmanship on your vehicle.

Local brake experts
locate brakes plus storeBrakes+ Mechanical Services are your local brake experts, with 12 stores conveniently located throughout Victoria and 3 stores in Queensland. Contact your nearest store now.
Our friendly and experienced team are there to help. If you have any concerns about your brakes, don’t delay – contact Brakes+ Mechanical Services, especially if you experience any of the following:

  • Change in feel of the brake pedal – soft, spongy, hard or low pedal
  • Pulses in the brake pedal
  • Car is veering to the either side
  • Losing grip on the road
  • Steering wheel shaking
  • Burning smell when you stop your car
  • Stopping time increases (more time to stop vehicle)
  • Grinding or squealing noises
  • Your foot hits the floor and nothing happens (once you do come to a stop don’t drive further– call us)