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rotate tyresEvery time we drive, we rely on our tyres.

It is important that your tyres have enough tread and that wear is even on all tyres.

Regular inspection and tyre rotation can help.

Want to know why it's so important? Read on.

service-engineWe rely so much on our cars to get us from A to Z and all the places in between.  However if we’re not looking after our car by having it serviced regularly we are putting ourselves and our vehicles at risk.

Brakes+ Mechanical Services offers a range of servicing options.

Our Log Book service is available for most car makes and models, and will maintain your new car manufacturer’s warranty.

wet weather drivingDriving in the wet and rain can be tricky at the best of times. However when you have kids in the car and your heading away for the school holidays then you really need to concentrate to ensure the safety of your family.

Here's some of our top tips for driving in the rain, including tyre safety, reducing the risk of aquaplaning, windscreen wipers and using lights in the rain.


car warning lightsUnderstanding your car's warning lights could save you time, money and inconvenience as well as improve your safety.

Find out more in part 1 of Understanding Your Car's Warning Lights about:

♦   oil pressure light

♦   alternator light

♦   check engine light

♦   brake trouble indicator light

Part 2 in this series will be here soon.

Remember, if you are concerned about any dashboard indicators or any safety aspect of your car it pays to ask the experts. Brakes+ Mechanical Services teams are only a call away.

check your tyre pressureWhen did you last check your tyre pressure? Under or over inflated tyres can lead to uneven and faster tyre wear, greater fuel consumption and reduced stopping ability.

To find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, check the tyre pressure placard which is usually located on the driver’s door rim, glove box or under the bonnet.

Remember, the load your vehicle carries (including on whether you regularly tow) and the type of driving you do can also determine the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle. Not sure what the right tyre pressure is? Talk to your nearest Brakes+ Mechanical Service expert.

When inflating your tyres, it is best to do so while the tyres are cold – do not over inflate as the pressure builds as the tyre heats up during the course of driving.