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Safe driving in the wet

wet-weather-drivingDriving in the wet and rain can be tricky at the best of times. However when you have kids in the car and your heading away for the school holidays then you really need to concentrate to ensure the safety of your family.

Here's some of our top tips for driving in the rain, including tyre safety, reducing the risk of aquaplaning, windscreen wipers and using lights in the rain.


Driving on wet and slippery roads can cause your car to aquaplane or hydroplane. Aquaplaning is when the water builds up around your car’s tyres and the road surface. It causes the tyres to lose traction with the road and prevents the vehicle from responding to controls.

Aquaplaning is not a pleasant experience, however you can reduce the risk of aquaplaning by making sure you check the following before you head away for the school holidays:

  • Check your tyre tread and wear – you may need to rotate your tyres or purchase 2 or 4 new tyres
  • Check your tyre pressure and ensure they are inflated to the correct level for your vehicle.


You may need to reduce your speed to a safe level to suit the road conditions when driving in the wet.

Windscreen Wipers

Don’t forget to check you windscreen wipers are working properly and change the wiper blades if necessary before you head off.


It is also a good idea to drive with you lights on in wet weather as visibility is reduced.

Need more advice?

For more information and professional advice book your car in for a service with your local Brakes + Mechanical Services mechanic before you go away these school holidays.