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Importance of regular car servicing


We rely so much on our cars to get us from A to Z and all the places in between.  However if we’re not looking after our car by having it serviced regularly we are putting ourselves and our vehicles at risk.

Brakes+ Mechanical Services offers a range of servicing options.

Our Log Book service is available for most car makes and models, and will maintain your new car manufacturer’s warranty.

When you book your car into your local Brakes+ Mechanical Services store you are guaranteed that your car will be looked after by one of our Complete Autocare technicians. This means your car will be serviced by a fully qualified automotive mechanic who is trained and experienced in car servicing.

At Brakes+ Complete Autocare we realise that time is money so, in most cases, we can complete your service within around two hours. Now that’s service!

Regular car servicing will ensure that any potential issues with your car are noticed before they become a problem. The Brakes+ Mechanical Services technicians use the latest vehicle computer analysis equipment to diagnose and pin-point exactly what needs to be repaired.

During your car service the Brakes+ mechanics will:

  • Change the engine oil

  • Change the oil filter

  • Top up fluids

  • Rotate and inflate tyres

  • Conduct an 83-point safety check of your vehicle including service inspection, brakes, suspension and steering report.

All car services are covered by the Brakes+ Lifetime Guarantee. For more information talk to the friendly team at your nearest Brakes+ Complete Autocare today.