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Rotating Your Tyres

rotate tyres

Did you know that your front and rear tyres undergo different stresses and work over time. This leads to uneven tyre wear. Rotating your tyres can help to even out irregular tyre wear patterns, helping ensure maximum tyre life, which can save you money. 

Tyres are rotated between front and rear, although in some circumstances other rotation patterns are appropriate (check the recommendations of your tyre manufacturer and vehicle manufacturer).

In most cases, it is recommended that tyres be rotated every 10,000km, although more frequent rotation may be recommended for some vehicles (eg some front wheel drives and 4WD), use of a spare for an extended period, your driving style or if uneven wear appears sooner.

Uneven tyre wear may indicate that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, there are worn mechanical parts or that the tyre pressure is incorrect.

Remember to follow the recommendations from your vehicle's handbook and the tyre manufacturer. For more information talk to the friendly team at your nearest Brakes+ Mechanical Services today.